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A cryptic journey into the dark Chicago times..

Colin Bradford Sings Colin Bradford EP - Limited Edition Vinyl EP and Digital Down load

An inescapable question emerges from Colin Bradford Sings Colin Bradford: can any real sense of a person be expressed in just five songs? Here, the answer is yes. The album earns its title by conveying introspection. Although there is a personal element, Bradford delivers it in a way that is relatable. 

The opening song, "I'm Happy I Think" has a soft rhythmic texture that artfully accompanies the sharp content. Bradford croons, "I have the keys to a heated apartment, I go to work where I get paid, watch a movie on the weekends, I guess everything is OK." On "Cigarettes" Bradford faithfully assumes a haunting tone, repeating "We all have regrets and I can't quit these cigarettes." But these and other seemingly ominous moments are intricately assembled with perspective. They are played with a delicacy that is hopeful, not doomed. Overwhelmingly, this album is an oscillation between the complex and lighthearted. 

Listening to these tracks is like sitting down with a good friend to talk, if that friend told their story in warm, layered vocals set to melodic instrumentation. It took about a year to write most of the album, but some of the songs have been in the works for three or four years. Bradford says he wrote out of necessity. "I have to get things out," he explains, "so I can move on." - Julie Myers