I had the honor of rafting with two great musicians - Laura Veirs and Kai Welch.  You can even see me jamming with Laura in the video.

I had a great experience being out in nature with these great musicians.  I also made many friends along for the trip.  


Check it out here:



I am so honored to have the endorsement John Richards of the KEXP Seattle morning show.   During the taping of Rock Snobs at the High Dive the winner won a copy of my vinyl release.  John Richards told the crowd it's a very good record!  See here!Rock_Snob_excerpt.mp4

Listen to me on Earbits Free Online Radio! www.earbits.com/#artists/colin-bradford

Hi all,

  Thanks so much for your support.  My new EP Colin Bradford sings Colin Bradford will be out in like two weeks in digital download and 4 weeks in hard copy 10" vinyl on my own record label Maneuver records.  Here is the cover up the upcoming EP!

Hi friends,

   I'm pleased to report that I am pretty close to done with my new EP recorded at Etruria Studios in Seattle.   The working title?  Colin Bradford sings Colin Bradford.  Hahaha.  Who knows what it will be?  Jeremy Serwer, the head engineer on the record is doing some vocals, and guitar.  My friend Brian Branchaeu played drums on it.  It sounds great!  Can't wait to share it with everyone!!!

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